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Can You Legally Change Your Birthdate?

Only when you are trying to make a correction to your birthdate. Unlike other forms of identity, such as your first name, you cannot have your birthdate changed or edited out of personal preferences. The day you were born is the only birthdate that you can legally claim. Your birthdate is an important form of identity, and claiming alternative birth dates on legal documents or forms can be considered an act of fraud.

If you believe that your reported birthdate is incorrect and is in need of correction, you can petition your court. Laws regarding changing your birth date vary depending on state, but we will be mainly focusing on California in this article.

Court Procedure and Petitioning

If you seek to make corrections to your date of birth, you would generally begin by applying for what is called a Delayed Registration of Birth. The Health and Safety Code Section 102585 requires you to substantiate your application with at least one piece of documentary evidence as listed in the code. If you are unable to provide any of said documentary evidence, you will have to petition your county’s Superior Court to Establish Facts of Birth.

You can make a petition to the county in which you either reside in or where the birth is alleged to have taken place. For example, if you are a resident of Fremont, CA, you would file a petition with Alameda County Superior Court. If you are a resident of Sunnyvale, CA, you would file a petition with Santa Clara County Superior Court.

In addition to providing evidence in the form of documents, you will also be required to provide supporting affidavits to the court. Supporting affidavits are made by those who can support your claims in regards to your alleged date of birth.

Immigration and Changing Your Birth Date

At our office, most of our clients who request to have their birthdate changed tend to also have an immigrant background. Due to certain circumstances during the process of immigrating, personal information can sometimes be compromised. Understandably, the thought of correcting this information may seem intimidating due to potential consequences of appearing deceptive, but we know how to navigate this regardless of your immigrant status.

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