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We have helped thousands of people successfully resolve immigration issues, recover the compensation they need following an accident and plan for their family's future.

At The Law Offices of Derek Lim, you are the focus of our practice. Whether you are seeking help with immigration, need a Fremont personal injury lawyer after an accident caused by another’s negligence, need assistance with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or wish to write a will or set up a living trust, we will serve you with dedication, professionalism, and innovation. Regardless of obstacles, we will work tirelessly to ensure the best quality of service is provided, even spending the extra time to create new routes through the wide variety of languages we speak and nonstop communication.

We are efficient and cost-effective in our work and will educate you on all of your options so that you can make the best possible decisions. Fremont immigration attorney Derek Lim has helped thousands of people throughout the world obtain U.S. nonimmigrant visas, lawful permanent residence (also known as a green card), and U.S. citizenship. Not only are you our client, but you are also our priority when you work with us.

Our firm has been around for over 20 years, and all the years of ligation, we have seen it all. We know every detail, every flaw, and every path that we can approach, tackling your problems from every side. Our experience as Fremont attorneys is one that lends itself to be powerful and effective while handling every situation swiftly.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries of any magnitude can be truly detrimental to your entire life, but we are here to help you to reclaim it back. Whether it be a car accident, a dog attack, or anything in between, we are here to help you resolve any personal injuries. As long time Fremont personal injury attorneys, we are experienced in insurance claims litigation and lawsuits for injuries and wrongful death resulting from motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, and other types of personal injuries. Though nuanced, we simplify personal injury issues for you, accommodating for every client to guarantee they are not taken advantage of. When fighting for you, we only settle for the maximum settlement, and we never back down. In our past, we have held a high standard for resolving personal injury cases, guaranteeing our high success rate will be reciprocated upon our future cases.

Wrongful Death

Although no amount of money can compensate for the loss of a loved one, surviving family members or dependents are entitled to monetary compensation for their losses. We understand that the loss of a loved one causes extreme stress and is an emotionally draining period; we will handle your case with the sensitivity and attention that it deserves. Every wrongful death case is unique, and we, as skilled Fremont personal injury attorneys, will carefully investigate the cause of the accident to find and establish liability of the responsible party. We will work with you every step of the way to understand your unique losses and to seek just and fair compensation for you. In our vast experience, we have found that engaging with accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, medical experts, economists, and other specialists help build a strong case. These specialists can help establish the mechanics of the accident, the extent of the injuries, any need for future medical expenses and financial losses — so you know you are getting justice.


When it comes to bringing your loved one’s home, ensuring they can stay, or escaping persecution, we are able to cover you on all fronts. Our staff is comprised entirely of staff who are first-generation immigrants, we are understanding of where our clients are coming from as we have experienced it firsthand. Thus, we are empathic about the emotions shrouding the immigration process and will answer any questions thrown our way. Being the longtime San Francisco immigration attorney, we are well versed with all matters related to family immigration, business and employment immigration, and investor visas. We are also adaptable as we can also help with asylum and naturalization for individuals with criminal records in the U.S. With our background, there is an extra level of insurance when you come to us as our experiences have given us insight on every unique case of immigration. When fighting immigration cases, we approach the case from all sides as every scenario and concern is taken into account and dispelled or utilized in the case. We make sure the strongest possible case is presented by being fast and taking a holistic approach.

Family Law

Resolving a divorce or a need for a slight change in family documents are common occurrences and ones that we can oversee thoroughly. Sometimes, the smallest detail on paperwork, such as a wrong birth date, can be catastrophic to one’s ability to reach new heights, but we are here to dispose of those barriers. We make drafting and changing family documents easy and you can always trust in our Fremont attorneys to draft a strong prenuptial agreement or change your date of birth on your legal documents. When facing any family legal issues, our pristine communication skills can assist with smoothing out affairs and maintaining constant knowledge of the entire scope of the situation.

Estate Planning

Having a sustainable future is definitely a priority for many people, but seeing it through is where it becomes harder. Our attorneys are able to assist you in taking the most sustainable route when determining future inheritance or long-term healthcare directives. Regardless of the circumstances, we ensure that you and your family are secure in the years to come.

Business Law

The world of entrepreneurship is one littered with intense ups and downs, but we are here to guarantee those downs will be diminished. When setting up your business, our attorneys will guide you through forming your business entity, drafting buy/sell agreements, and reviewing commercial lease contracts. We need are here to ensure your future is safe as there are no mistakes within the formation of your business.

Contact Us Today

Our Fremont attorneys are more than happy to evaluate your situation and discuss what are some next steps for you. If you require resolution of personal injury, immigration, family, estate, or business complications, our firm can step in and help you overcome them. With almost 25 years of experience and various languages to communicate in, we have the toolset to ensure you will be fully accommodated. We offer 24/7 support at 510-818-0898.

Client Reviews
"My father was hit by a car when he was cross the road close to a grocery parking lot last year. Although he was not seriously injured but he still spent months in hospital. We needed a lawyer to help to deal with the insurance issues. Luckily we found office of Derek Lim for their professional guidance. Christine handled everything professionally and made the whole process easy for us so we can focus on taking care of my father. We are satisfied with their service and results and highly recommend them to anyone who needs an accident lawyer.” Yun J.
"Law office of Derek Lim did an excellent job on settling my personal injury case. I look up their ad online and I called their office about my car accident. Mr. Lim came to my home the next day to obtained all the info. They settled my case promptly. I am very pleased with the settlement and highly recommend Law office of Derek Lim." Janice C.
"We had Derek help dealing with a car accident case. Derek and Christine were very responsive. They handle everything with the insurance company and gave clear guidance on all questions that came up. We were very satisfied with the service we received and we highly recommend Derek and Christine if you need help from a professional law office." Yin Yin W.
"We had 2 car accident cases which both handled by Christine at Derek Lim. They are very professional, I highly recommend that you give them a call, they will handle everything with the insurance company and hassle free." Kris L.
"Hi Mr. Lim, I want to spread the good news to you that my brother has obtained the immigration VISA, see attached. Thank you very much for your great assistance and consistent support along the way." Ada T.
We’ve Helped Thousands of People All Over the World

We do a great deal of work with clients who are looking for employment or investment-based visas for themselves, their families and their businesses. Our clients have included people from China, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico, Burma, Nepal, Indonesia, Germany, the U.K., France and more. We also do a large portion of our business in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, Thai and Laotian.

Get in touch with our law firm for a free phone consultation today. You may also contact our law firm online for more information.

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