1. A.C. San Francisco, CA

    Professional and attentive law office that you can trust. Would recommend their services to help out your immigration cases.
  2. Alan Y Hayward, CA

    Very nice law office. They handled my immigration application. I made some additional requirements on my case. They have done them well. Very fast response. High effects on pushing the progress. Good communication. It's easy to get answer from the attorney and their staff. Our boss is not familiar the application, law office did good explanation to our company. Based on that, I can get the documents which application needs. Now I got case approved. They are very helpful!

  3. Gabriel V.

    Through my employer, I hired the services of Derek Lim's firm to apply for U.S. Permanent Residence (employment based) and my experience was successful in all ways. Throughout the process, they handled each step of my case with great professional manner; all went very smooth. A couple of times, the USCIS requested additional information and the firm immediately acted in gathering the required documentation and effectively responding. I always felt confident that things would go through well... and they did, my family and I obtained PR in less than the average time. Special thanks to Christine Chao who led my case, she is very professional and knows the ins and outs of the law in the topic. I highly recommend hiring their services.

  4. Ada T.

    Hi Mr. Lim, I want to spread the good news to you that my brother has obtained the immigration VISA, see attached. Thank you very much for your great assistance and consistent support along the way.

  5. Mr. Weifeng S.

    We had a car accident case which is handled by Christine at Derek Lim in 2014-2015. Christine is very professional, and nice to talk with. She gave us many professional suggestions. Their secretary Bonnie and Francis are also very helpful and detailed in handling our case. We are very pleased with our case settlement in the end.

  6. Gary K. Milpitas, CA

    I got into a head-on accident with a DUI driver, and the damages were huge and unbelievable. Derek and Christine helped me to pursue the legal processes for damages and personal injuries. All my medical bills, wages lost (including my wife's), and vehicle lost were recovered, and I received a good amount of money for my pain and suffering. I didn't have to do much; just submitted all the paper work then they took care of the rest. It was a painless experience working with them. The whole process was fantastic and effortless. I was very satisfied with the monetary outcome.

  7. A C. San Francisco, CA

    We recently worked with Derek and his staff regarding my immigration case. They have been knowledgeable, professional, experienced and helpful. Would definitely recommend them.

  8. Paul W. Portland, OR

    I worked with Derek back in '02 on my immigration case. I had a green card but needed citizenship to move my family over quickly. I had a hold on my transition to citizenship due to some legal issues I had at the time. Derek and Christine's legal advice and service were instrumental to my eventual success in obtaining my citizenship in the time frame I aimed for. Their know-how enabled me to win favors in court against the legal issues I had at the time. They also charged me a reasonable rate unlike some other lawyers I had dealt later in my life who tried to milk me for as much as I have in my pocket.
    Because of their professionalism, I also hired Derek for my personal injury case in '04, and I have also been referring my contacts to Derek. I trust that his office will continue to exhibit the same level of professionalism and the in-depth knowledge in helping my associates.

  9. Walton W. Castro Valley, CA

    My mom is over 80 years of age and after many years in the U.S., she has decided she wanted to become a U.S. citizen. I needed to find a lawyer who spoke Cantonese since my mom's primary language is Cantonese and she doesn't speak a lot of English. Derek Lim spoke Cantonese and is very nice and cordial and took his time to explain the whole citizenship process to my mom. Derek gave my mom a condensed list of questions for her to prepare for the oral exam. Derek also spent the time to have a practice oral exam to ensure that my mom was prepared. To make a long story short, Derek made the experience very unstressful for my mom and she is now a U.S. citizen.

  10. Stephen L. Richmond, CA

    Derek and his team do an excellent job. They are always willing to answer questions and are very professional. They take the time to make sure you understand all steps necessary to complete your case successfully. Their integrity and honesty and many years of experience is why I would recommend them.

  11. Janet H. San Francisco, CA

    Derek and Christine helped with my parents' immigration case about a year ago. It was easy for my mom, but was very complicated for my dad due to the communist party waiver, which embassy required him to do. Derek and Christine worked out every details and helped us resolved all unnecessary obstacles. We were very impressed by their professionalism and determination to fight for their clients' rights.

  12. Prashant T. Cupertino, CA

    Derek and his group are excellent professionals. Not only are they very thorough in all details required but also very helpful and extremely friendly. When in their office, it seems like being at friend's place rather than some attorney's office.
    Derek is very honest and intelligent person and so is Christine.

  13. Moto "MotoBon" San Francisco, CA

    I have been working with Christine at Derek Lim for several years now, she is very professional, easy and nice to talk to, I enjoy working with her a lot. They have years of experience on how to handle immigration case, I would definitely recommend them.

  14. Kathy Z. Outer Richmond, San Francisco, CA

    2/5/2014 This is a long overdue review. I am very pleased with attorney Lim's service. My son and I wouldn't be at where we are today without his help. I came to the U.S. about 6 years ago based on my marriage with "Mr. Abusive" (my ex-husband whom I met through an online dating website). My son came with me. I thought I had found a good husband and a loving father for my son because Mr. Abusive was all good, caring and well-mannered when he lived with us in China. However, it became my worst nightmare soon after my son and I arrived in the U.S. and started living with him. He basically wanted a "maid" instead of a wife. He became very abusive, physically, verbally and mentally toward me and my son. He confided me inside his house. Every day only cooking, doing laundry and cleaning the house for him and his ex-wife who still visited him on a regular basis. He didn't allow me to contact the outside world, refused to put my minor son into school, and he didn't want to file any immigration paperwork to adjust our status in the U.S. I was desperate and had reached the lowest point of my life when someone gave me attorney Lim's contact information and said he may be able to help me and my son, and he did! Attorney Lim filed VAWA (violence against women) immigration paper for me with my son included in the filing. After several rounds of submission of additional documents, the immigration service finally approved my paper and based on that my son and I obtained our greens cards, and eventually our U.S. citizenship! Attorney Lim had helped us from the beginning to the end because I fully trusted him and believed in him. Thank you, attorney Lim!

  15. Yan C.San Francisco, CA

    Mr. Lim and his associates helped us with our immigration case. Mr. Lim is very patient and pays attention to details. They showed us their years of experience on immigration cases and thorough knowledge of immigration law. We would like to work with them again.