Testimonials Part 2

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I am very grateful to Lim Law Firm for their help in my successful process of obtaining a ten-year green card. I want to express my deep gratitude.

Since my case was relatively complex, I did not seek help from a lawyer at first and tried to handle it myself, but I took many detours. During the first interview, due to lack of preparation and lack of some materials, the immigration officer severely questioned me, leaving many hidden dangers during the interview process. Later, I turned to Lim Law Firm for help. Through the unremitting efforts of Lawyer Lim and Penny, they conducted a detailed analysis of the interview situation at that time and helped me prepare various materials.

After half a year of waiting, when the Immigration Service asked me to supplement my materials, I successfully submitted the materials I had prepared. Fortunately, I avoided a second interview and obtained my green card directly. Penny kept reminding me to add materials throughout the process, and it was when I almost gave up that I came to an unexpected turning point. I am very pleased to have a successful partnership with Attorney Lim and Penny. I consulted with many other law firms before this, but I'm glad I made the right choice in the end. If I need to apply to citizenship in the future, I will still choose Attorney Lim. Thanks again for their help.

I would like to wish others success and all the best in their future lives in the United States.

- Samuel G.

I found this law firm online last year to apply for marriage immigration. Lawyer Lin's team is very serious and responsible, especially Ms. Penny, who is very serious and rigorous in filling out the documents for our marriage, and is also very patient in explaining to us what documents are more perfect, more trustworthy. The green card was approved within a week. The Immigration Service received the information on 10-12-2023 and I received the two-year green card on 10-21-2023. I am very lucky to have such a good team of lawyers. Thank you very much🙏I’m really happy and I don’t need to go to the interview.

- Lynn L.

I am very grateful to paralegal Ms. Wu for her patience and guidance, which helped me understand my case better and relieve my anxiety. Thank you very much for Attorney Lin’s professionalism. Really helped me solve the problem. Many thanks to them!

- Lixia L.

Atty Derek Lim was reliable throughout the whole process and has helped a lot with getting my Citizenship. Naturalization is truly complicated but with the help of Atty Derek and team everything went smoothly. Definitely would recommend.

- Nie V.

I don't know where to get an advice regarding my case, then finally I get this law office so fast to book me an appointment. They are fast, convenient and reliable. I am very satisfied working with them on my case. Atty Derek Lim and Penny from the law offices of Derek Lim has been very responsive, friendly and professional through the entire process. The entire case went smoothly and we were able to close it within couple of months. They helped organized and reviewed the documents and provided detailed suggestions on the documents and walked us through the timeline. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who need some legal advices. Thank you very Much!

- Imee D.

I was in O1 visa before and the law office helped me to apply my green card based on I-130. The staff and the attorney are very professional and nice. They answered my questions patiently and helped me through the whole process. I got my green card in just half year. Great service!

- Junjie Y.

I had a special case while waiting for I-485 approval as my original sponsor passed. Derek and his team evaluated my case and provided me with their professional advices, my application was able to continue and now I got my green card. I really appreciate Derek, Christine and Penny for their continuous follow up and support.

- Aniger W.

Me and my wife are very happy with M.R Derek Lim. His service always professional and fast. This law firm helped my wife get her green card. We received the news last week and are over joyed. This great news has changed our life for the better. We are planning to visit Taiwan in August god willing. My wife has not seen her family in seven years, now she gets to carry her grand daughter in her arms for the first time. The baby is 2 years old. This firm is great, we recommend them, oh and before I forget

Penny Vu , M.R Lim's assistant is the best. She is a sweet heart. Thanks once again to every one at The Law Offices of Derek LIM.

- Sergio G.

My husband and I used their services for my immigration case. Penny and Derek were very helpful and knowledgeable. So far our case is advancing rapidly thanks to their attention to detail and efficiency putting our case together. We highly recommend them for any immigration matters, we will for sure be using them in the future for other cases. Thank you!

- Yicel C.

The consultation with Derek is very professional. Penny’s answers to questions are clear. The application materials are prepared in a timely manner. Mailed application documents are complete and not missing. Strong recommendation of their immigration service.

- Kyo R

Very helpful! I got my SSR really quick. I was not familiar with the process and didn't know where to start so I reached out to them. They were very professional all the way.

- Alex W.

Needed an immigration lawyer after being placed in the removal proceedings back in 2015. Attorney Derek Lim was recommended to me by a friend. My individual hearing went smooth and my asylum case was granted by the immigration judge in 2017. Last year I applied for naturalization through Derek’s firm again. Everything went as expected and I will be swear in next month. Derek is professional, friendly and easy communicate with. I definitely recommend him if you are seeking legal advices for your immigration issues.

- J.D.

I am very satisfied working with them on my wife's green card case. Penny from the law offices of Derek Lim has been very responsive, friendly and professional through the entire process. The entire case went smoothly and we were able to close it within couple of months. They helped organized and reviewed the documents and provided detailed suggestions on the documents and walked us through the timeline. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who need some legal advices and helps.

- Yu R.

I needed to get a prenuptial agreement finished before my wedding date. I called around and was getting frustrated with a lot of the previous attorneys I have contacted and was about to give up.

This was until I was able to find the Law Offices of Derek Lim.

I was able to call the office and was able to easily book an appointment to meet at Mr. Lim's office in Fremont. I drove over there and got a consultation. Mr. Lim was a man of his word. I immediately filled out a questionnaire, signed a contract, and was given a checklist of what information I needed to prepare to get my prenup drafted and on the way.

Throughout the process of working with Mr. Lim and his office, communication was easy, transparent, and smooth.

Within a month and a half, I have a prenuptial agreement completed, signed by all parties, and notarized by UPS. I am on my way to the married life.

- Kevin T.

Mr. Lim, Christine, and Penny took on my complicated immigration case and provided exceptional services. They did extensive research on how to help my case and explained every detailed step very patiently. I was able to reach them whenever I needed answers or needed to give an update. I would strongly recommend The Law Offices of Derek Lim to anyone that needs help regarding their immigration requirements. Please keep up the amazing work you do.

- Nick C.

Hello! We write this letter with great excitement, and we sincerely express our respect and gratitude to Derek Lim.

We were denied by the consulate when applying for an immigrant visa, which made it impossible for us to reunite. Later, we found Derek Lim Law Offices through the introduction of our friends. After listening to our demands carefully and patiently, we studied and formulated our visa exemption conditions with lawyer Lim's team as soon as possible. After communicating with us many times, you have not forgotten to comfort us and fill us with confidence.

After the unremitting efforts of Derek Lim, we finally successfully applied for our visa exemption and officially received the visa given to us by the consulate. We were extremely excited and happy, and the stone in our hearts finally fell.

Once again, I would like to thank Lawyer Derek Lim and the staff of his team for the whole process. It is your excellent professional skills that made us finally reunited.

- Joey C.

We got help of immigration case from Mr. Derek Lim. He and his office provided us excellent services. We had been notified that the forms were outdated right before the interview in Guangzhou. It was almost the time to get off the work, but Mr. Lim's assistant helped us to update all the forms in twenty minutes so that we could successfully go through the interview. After that, they also follow up with us many times to make sure if we have any other problems until we got the Visa. I am so glade to give them great rate here about excellent services.

- Yue S.

In March 2019, I had an accident in the company's parking lot during office hours and got injured with bone fracture for my hand. At that time, I was so helpless as I have never thought I would be get involved in any lawsuit with the help of any attorneys, and I do not even know any. One of my friends referred Derek Lim, and after we talked with them, we decide to work with Derek's office for my work compensation and personal injury case. Derek and Christine were very professional and accountable for my case, and they have been presenting me to contact with the Fire Department, Police department, HR, insurance company and help us to look for the doctors for best treatment. They are also working with the other party responsible for this accident to identify the root cause and responsibility.

During this 2 years' long journey, Derek and his office are always quickly responsive to any question either from me or the third party. And I really enjoy to work with his team and I can be completely hands-off from my complicated case as I fully trust their expertise.

Finally, my case eventually got settled, and we are pretty satisfied with the final results. I highly recommend Derek Lim's Law Office if you have any question for work compensation and personal injury.

- Miao C.

I am very satisfied working with them on my wife's green card case. Penny from the Law offices of Derek Lim has been very responsive, friendly and professional through the entire process. The entire case went smoothly and we were able to close it within couple of months. They helped organize and review the documents and provided detailed suggestions on the documents and walked us through the timeline. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who need some legal advices and helps.

- Yu R.

I found Lawyer Lim in July last year. At that time, I encountered a problem with naturalization and needed to provide some supporting documents and explain some of the contents of the case. At that time, Penny was the one who received us. She was very professional and patient, and helped us solve the problem step by step. I finally received the oath notice from the Immigration Bureau in August this year. Thank you very much to Penny and Lawyer Lim, they are worth recommending!

- Jacky L.

We had a great experience with this firm, both Lawyer Lim and the supporting staff were knowledgeable and accessible to answer questions that came up in connection with our immigration case. We were kept informed of our case progress through the process and our case had a successful outcome. Happy to give a 5 star review!

- Stephen A.

Me and my husband had no idea about the immigration application process. We were pretty scared that we might mess up the application. Later, I found Mr. Lim's office online which had a pretty good rating. I made an appointment with Mr. Lim and told him about my case and asked him about the process. He explained it clearly and professionally, so I decided to hire him.

Whenever I have questions I called to the lawyer office or emailed them. They responded fast and gave me an effective answer. After we give them required information, we didn't need to worry about anything. They filed the application and submitted the application as well as emailed/called me for my immigration case updates.

I have less stress about loads of immigration paperwork because of them. We filed our application during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Every application process was delayed. So I thought my case might also delay. Surprisingly, I got my interview in 10 months. Our case got approved. They emailed me and called me for the result on the same day after the interview. I am so happy with the result. Thanks to Mr. Lim and Penny!

- Ei Ei C.

Before hiring Mr. Derek Lim's Law Office, my I-485 Adjust status from student visa to permanent resident case was pending for a few years after my first interview. I did't hear anything from USCIS and my case was not moving forward at all. Finally, I realized I had to hire a lawyer in order to make progress on my case. I did some research online and found the firm. They have years of experience in immigration law, even complicated immigration cases. I reached Mr. Lim's office and had them handled my case. I am so glad I chose them. Derek, Christine and Penny are very professional and knowledgeable about Immigration matters. They are honest and know what they are doing. Mr. Derek Lim sorted out my situation, answered all my questions and guided me step by step. Penny did lots of paperwork and always responsive and friendly when it comes to answering my concerns. I got a second interview in San Francisco not long after I hired them. The result is my case got approved and I received my green card. I couldn't be happier with their service and would definitely recommend them to people who need assistance with their immigration issues.

- Xiao X.

Thank you very much for the help of Lin Law Firm, which allowed me to successfully obtain the green card. Lawyer Lin is very professional, Assistant Penny is very patient and attentive, very good team, thank you

- Rachel H.

Very professional and fast service! Penny was especially helpful!

- Brooke H.

Service: Green Card / Immigration Service

Like most people I tried to save some money and tried to process getting a Green Card without legal console but it proved difficult and my first attempt resulted in failure. I reached out to the Law Office of Derek Lim to secure their services. I worked with Penny a lot, she was great and well versed in immigration requirements. They took care of the crazy amount of paper work and guided me through the painful process.

During the Green Card interview it was clear almost everyone hired legal console with some even bringing their lawyers on site during the interview. Since I felt my case was straight forward I didn't pay extra to have the lawyer present during the Green Card interview.

With the help of Penny and Law Office of Derek Lim Green Card I can say Green Card is secure. If I had to do it all over again I would have seeked legal console and avoided all the lost time and money attempting it myself.

- Fred C.

Lawyer Lin is very professional and attentive and efficient. Thanks to Lawyer Lin and everyone from Lin Law Firm for their help in applying for F1 during the epidemic, and suggestions on the details. Now that F1 has come down, I have started class now. A worthy lawyer.

- Xing Y.

I reached to Mr. Derek Lim about my immigration case in 2020. I was not familiar about transition from work visa to family-based PR visa. Also, considering the pandemic situation, many things became unpredictable and worrisome.

I found Mr. Derek on line and talked to Christine Chao at the beginning. She listened to my case carefully, and discussed with the team thoroughly before answering my questions. Christine asked me several questions to ensure that they were able to deal with my case. It made me feel they're reliable and dependable. Therefore I decided to continue to work with the team.

It was the first time I worked with an attorney. During the application process, they guided me through each process patiently and professionally.

Worked with them during the application process gave me a lot of confidence and faith under the unprecedented situation. Fortunately i received my green card in August 2021. I appreciate all the helps and guidance that I got from the team, and I highly recommend to people who also needs professional attorney regarding immigration at Bay Area.

- Wan C.

In a very short notice for our multiple quit claims, Christine Zhao laid out all detail on what documents were needed, what we needed to do, and when the county recording expected to arrive....and right away the sweet assistant Penny Wu carried on all operation flows and paperworks. Mr. Derek Lim (lawyer) spent couple free hours and walked through the details and explained the law/rules to us, the entire end to end experience with The Law Office of Derek Lim was wonderful and stressless, I knew I was in great hands!

- JingCindy S.

I hired the Law Offices of Derek Lim because they succeeded for helping me to process my serious car accident. I trust their efforts and services.

Thank you very much to the Law Offices of Derek Lim for helping me apply for my spouse to immigrate to the United States. I appreciate for their professional, know all immigration requirements, and could fill out the immigration forms easily for me. When the Immigration Office asked for the married evidence, they were also known well to help me to prepare all the necessary documents for approval of my marriage. Of course, the Immigration Office approved my marriages without asking more questions.

Because of the epidemic, the husband's immigration approval was postponed until recently. But everything goes smoothly, the Law Offices of Derek Lim explained the immigration process well, efficiently, organized documents well, professional trust, and detailed responsibilities!

Thanks again to Christine, Penny, Vivan and anyone who helped our case successfully. I and my husband really satisfied for their professional services. Best wishes to the the Law Offices of Derek Lim.

- Josephine M.

Very smooth and responsive group. My family worked with them for 3 immigration cases so far. And they are doing consistently perfect jobs. Good job team. Thanks for your hard works. I appreciate it.

- Ivan L.

Mr. Lim answered all our questions while we were preparing for our interview for 1-751. With Mr. Lim assistance and guidance we came to the interview prepared and confident. He is very knowledgeable, straight forward and kindhearted. Grateful for him and his team

- M. L.

First off they were very professional ....very knowledgeable with the immigration laws and walked me through every step . what they would need and how it would go .....up front about the cost ....if i had a question . i would get a fast reply ......i would have to say it was a great experience for me.

- Mike H.

My case was transferred to Mr. Derek Lim from my previous lawyer. Me. Derek and his assistant are very seriously and carefully to treat my case. They are very professional. They kept me posted, and give a prompt answer when I have any question. I appreciate their efforts. I would recommend Mr. Derek's team handles the immigration cases.

- Bin Z.

Client Reviews
"My father was hit by a car when he was cross the road close to a grocery parking lot last year. Although he was not seriously injured but he still spent months in hospital. We needed a lawyer to help to deal with the insurance issues. Luckily we found office of Derek Lim for their professional guidance. Christine handled everything professionally and made the whole process easy for us so we can focus on taking care of my father. We are satisfied with their service and results and highly recommend them to anyone who needs an accident lawyer." Yun J.
"Law office of Derek Lim did an excellent job on settling my personal injury case. I look up their ad online and I called their office about my car accident. Mr. Lim came to my home the next day to obtained all the info. They settled my case promptly. I am very pleased with the settlement and highly recommend Law office of Derek Lim." Janice C.
"We had Derek help dealing with a car accident case. Derek and Christine were very responsive. They handle everything with the insurance company and gave clear guidance on all questions that came up. We were very satisfied with the service we received and we highly recommend Derek and Christine if you need help from a professional law office." Yin Yin W.
"We had 2 car accident cases which both handled by Christine at Derek Lim. They are very professional, I highly recommend that you give them a call, they will handle everything with the insurance company and hassle free." Kris L.
"Hi Mr. Lim, I want to spread the good news to you that my brother has obtained the immigration VISA, see attached. Thank you very much for your great assistance and consistent support along the way." Ada T.