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Passenger Injury, AC Transit Bus Accident -Alameda County, Recent Settlement (May 2015)

Our client, an elderly woman was a passenger on an AC Transit bus in Berkeley, CA. The bus ran a red light and collided perpendicularly with another vehicle. The elderly woman was hurled from her seat towards the front of the bus and hit her head on the fare box. Her resultant injuries included multiple bruises, lacerations, a bone fracture and post-traumatic stress. Because of this accident, our client required daily in-home support services. She worried about the accumulated care expenses and who would be responsible for them. She knew she could not afford them. Our client’s anxiety and uneasiness went away when our office obtained a large six-figure settlement for her. She is very satisfied with the results and services we delivered. Post settlement, our office also helped her to set up a “Special Needs of Trust” so she wouldn’t lose her eligibility to receive government benefits which allow her to live at the senior center where she has lived for years and become very attached