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Slip-And-Falls/Premises Liability

Property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain their properties in a safe manner. If you were injured because of unsafe conditions on someone else’s property or premises then you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident on someone else’s property or place of business, please contact our office at 800-769-3977 or by email and allow us to help you and your family. Don’t wait as time is of the essence to preserve your rights. We offer free telephone consultations.

Our Lawyer Has Extensive Experience With These Claims In California

Here are examples of cases that our practice has handled in the past:

Display model broke while shopping: A woman was shopping at a hardware and supply store when a small step staircase that she was standing on broke. She suffered injuries to her neck and hip area. The store denied liability, stating that she should not have stepped on the staircase as it was a display model and not functional. We obtained a settlement of $115,000 for her injuries.

Injured finger while shopping: A man was shopping at a granite store and browsing granite slabs. When he wanted to view a slab, the store employee asked him to help lift it up without the use of equipment. While lifting the slab, it slipped and sliced away a small portion of flesh from his ring finger. We obtained a $110,500 settlement for his injury.

Trip-and-fall and road construction: A man was walking on the sidewalk of a San Francisco street and tripped and fell due to a plank of wood covering a trench in the ground from construction work. His right knee was injured. We obtained a settlement of $85,000 for his injuries.

Poorly maintained gate: A woman was leaving her friend’s home after visiting and the gate fell on her. She suffered soft tissue injuries to her back and fracture to her little finger. The insurance company denied liability. After in-depth investigation and aggressive negotiations, a settlement of $110,000 was obtained.

We cannot guarantee the same results as the above, as every property-related injury case is unique to the individual. However, we will carefully investigate the cause of the accident to establish liability of the responsible party. We will work with you every step of the way to understand your losses and to maximize the compensation you receive.

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