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L-1 Nonimmigrant Visas

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reserves L-1 nonimmigrant visas for executives, managers and key employees moving to the United States for an international intracompany transfer. To meet the qualifications for an L-1 visa, the company must be either a U.S. corporation with a foreign office from which the executive will be transferred or a foreign corporation not yet doing business in the U.S., but promising to employ American workers upon establishing U.S. operations.

L-1 visas are applicable for temporary residence in the U.S. up to three years. At the conclusion of the three-year period, the visa holder may apply for a two-year extension. An L-1 visa will not be extended beyond seven years.

Two Major Categories Of Employees Who Qualify

L-1 visas are sought by employers, which must demonstrate that transferred workers fall into one of two broad categories.

Executives and managers: An employer applying for an L-1 visa for a manager or executive must include a detailed description of the individual’s specific job responsibilities. Job duties must include supervisory responsibilities over the employees staffing a key component of U.S. operations.

Staff with specialized skills and knowledge: International businesses that can demonstrate that key staff members have specialized knowledge that is key to business success may apply for L-1B visas for the employees. L-1B visas are initially extended for up to three years and may not be extended beyond a total of five years of temporary residency in the U.S.

Other Limitations

In addition, at the completion of the L-1 or L-1B temporary residency period, the employee must be employed and live outside the U.S. for at least one year before another L-1 visa will be considered.

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