Semi-truck crashes devastate families because even if the victims survive, there is a chance that they will suffer long-lasting impacts. It is imperative that victims of these crashes understand their rights and responsibilities. One thing that they might opt to do is to seek compensation for the damages they have to endure because of the wreck.

When you pursue compensation, you will need to be able to tie the crash to the defendant’s negligence. Determining the cause of the wreck is one way that you can do this. There are many things that can contribute to these incidents, so anyone in this position should understand a few of the most common.

Fatigue and distractions

Trucker fatigue and distractions can quickly cause wrecks. When a vehicle is traveling at 55 miles per hour, it can go the full length of a professional football field in about five seconds. When you think about this, you can see why it is so important for truckers to be ready to make split-second decisions when they are on a haul. Making sure that they are focused on the road and that they aren’t fatigued can help these professional drivers remain safe.

Tight deadlines

Trucking companies often guarantee deliveries by a certain date. However, this can come at a considerable cost. The tight deadlines can encourage truckers to drive longer than they safely should. This may violate federal regulations that limit the time behind the wheel per shift and set specific standards for rest periods between shifts.

Equipment defects and failure

Any defects with the equipment or failure of these components can lead to crashes. While it isn’t usually up to the truckers to make sure that other people are taking care of the rigs, they do need to do checks to make sure that there aren’t any critical safety features that are evident on a basic run through.

Other drivers

The actions of other drivers can lead to truckers having crashes. A trucker who has someone dart in front of their vehicle is at risk of not being able to avoid an accident if they can’t stop in time. If they choose to swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of their car, they might slam into a car on the side.

It is possible that more than one cause led to the semi-truck crash that injured you. Finding out the cause can help determine whom to hold liable in your lawsuit.