A national poll conducted in November 2018 indicates that a growing number of Americans see immigration as the most important problem facing the country. People in California who are pursuing residency or citizenship may be affected by policy changes related to changing national perceptions. In October 2018, 13 percent of Americans said immigration was the top problem in the country. By the time of the November poll, that number increased to 21 percent.

Among Republicans, 37 percent said immigration was the most important problem in the November poll, compared to 20 percent in October. Eighteen percent of independents and 10 percent of Democrats said immigration was the most important problem in the November poll.

Dissatisfaction with the government was the most commonly cited issue among respondents in the October poll, with 27 percent saying it was the most important problem then. Immigration leapfrogged into the top spot following heavy media coverage of a group of immigrants from Central America moving toward the U.S. to cross the border. President Donald Trump dispatched troops to the border to stop the group and called the situation a national emergency.

Other issues cited by poll respondents as the most important problems nationally include health care, race relations, the economy, unemployment and education. A Gallup poll conducted in July 2018 found that 22 percent of Americans thought immigration was the top national issue.

The immigration process in California can be complicated. That’s why immigrants who want to be citizens might benefit from the assistance of a lawyer. An attorney who has experience in immigration law might be able to help by examining the facts of the client’s situation and laying out possible solutions. A lawyer might create the necessary legal documents to secure temporary residency or communicate with USCIS officials on the client’s behalf.