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Injured while riding as an Uber passenger?

Ridesharing apps have revolutionized the way many people in major cities choose to get around town. Whether you are pressed for time and need to make a meeting, are spending a night out with friends and need a driver or simply do not have a car, Uber’s ability to get a car to an individual almost immediately is a marvel of modern convenience.

It does raise the question of what happens if you are injured in a car accident while riding with Uber, however. This is what you need to know if you are injured while riding as a passenger with Uber.

$1,000,000 insurance coverage for some

You may have heard Uber tout the fact that it offers $1,000,000 of liability insurance coverage. This is true, but it only takes effect when a driver has a passenger in tow. This is good news for passengers because in most instances, you will be covered by this safety net if you are injured in an accident.

However, because Uber drivers are not legally considered employees, but rather independent contractors, the company can deny liability if a driver is in an accident.

If Uber denies coverage, the accident will fall to the driver’s own car insurance. This is where things become even more murky. Most personal auto insurance does not cover ridesharing accidents, that is something that would be covered by commercial insurance, meaning that your driver’s insurance will most likely not cover you either.

Being denied insurance coverage by Uber as well as the driver is a difficult position to find yourself in. As a passenger using a rideshare service, you are most likely at no fault, but are still being denied insurance to cover your injuries and other damages.

Seeking the council of a personal injury attorney is one of the best steps you can take at a time like this. They understand the inner workings of complex insurance laws and will aggressively advocate for you to receive the coverage and compensation you need.

Developments among Uber drivers

Considering Uber sometime denies insurance coverage to their drivers, there has been an increasing trend of drivers purchasing commercial or hybrid auto insurance. This means that your claim is much less likely to be denied if your driver is in an accident while one of these policies are active.

Nobody wants to find out that they have been denied insurance compensation after a crash they had no fault in. Remember these basic guidelines if you are ever in an accident and be prepared to defend your rights with the help of a professional.

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