If you are a passenger vehicle driver, being involved in a collision or accident with a truck can be a very scary experience, and it can, unfortunately, lead to serious injuries or even death. While not all accidents involving trucks are the truck driver’s fault, commercial vehicle drivers do have a high standard of driving to uphold because of their training and legal requirements.

If you have suffered damages because of an accident with a truck or another commercial vehicle, there is a good chance that you will be able to successfully file for damages.

After the accident, your first priority should be to ensure your own safety and the safety of others involved in the accident. If it is necessary, you should call an ambulance or the police. If you are not injured as a result of the accident, you should make sure that evidence is preserved, and take as many pictures of the incident so that they can be used as evidence.

How do insurance claims work in California?

Once you have recovered from any injuries that you suffered, you should consider taking action in relation to insurance claims. In the state of California, all vehicle owners are responsible for any damages caused by any person operating their vehicle. For example, if you allowed a friend to borrow your car and he or she becomes involved in an accident with a truck, you will personally be liable for the damages if the investigation concludes that the accident was your friend’s fault.

However, if an accident is determined to be the fault of the truck driver, either they are their company will be liable for the damages caused.

What if both parties are partly at fault?

In the state of California, pure comparative negligence laws apply. This means that in a trial, it will be determined what percentage of fault each party has. For example, if a person was 40 percent at fault, they will be liable for 40 percent of damages.

If you have been involved in a car accident involving a truck in California, it is important to consider taking action.