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Naturalization With A Criminal Record

If you are attempting to become a U.S. citizen while having a criminal record, you need the assistance of a dedicated attorney who has helped individuals through similar situations in the past. At The Law Offices of Derek Lim, we have guided multiple individuals through the naturalization process from our Fremont and San Francisco law offices, even though they had a criminal background.

If you have questions regarding immigration and your criminal record, contact our law firm online. You can rely on our proven skill to achieve your goals.

Guiding Immigrants Through The Naturalization Process In California

The beginning of the naturalization process starts with the application form or N-400. This document has many pages and asks a lot of questions about your past. If you lie on this form, that can lead to criminal prosecution in and of itself. You will then have an interview where they will fingerprint you and use that to obtain your criminal record. Having an immigration attorney by your side throughout this process can ensure your rights are protected to their fullest.

Going through the naturalization process requires "good moral character" for the three- to five-year period prior to applying. Lying about your criminal record will only make matters worse for you since they can revoke your privileges if they later find out about any false reporting on your behalf. You can rely on us to explain all of your options to you.

Deportation Risks

If you are living in the United States and have not obtained full citizenship yet, a crime could cost you the ability to remain in the country. Deportation is a serious matter and your criminal charges should be discussed immediately with a skilled immigration attorney. We know what steps to take to protect your rights and can explain the consequences of any option we show you.

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Do you have a criminal record but still wish to become a United States citizen? Contact us online or call 800-769-3977 to schedule your initial consultation with a compassionate immigration and criminal law attorney. We understand how past crimes will affect your ability to apply for citizenship and can show you all of your options.

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