Successful Change of Date of Birth for a Chinese Native at Alameda County Probate Court

One of our clients came to our office to have her date of birth corrected. Originated from China, our client felt oppressed in Communist China in the 1960s and decided to flee to Hong Kong for a better life and stability. She had to report a different date of birth to the officials in Hong Kong to avoid retaliation against her family in China. After resided in Hong Kong for many years, she decided to move to the U.S. and eventually became a U.S. citizen.

Years have passed and our client finally decided to correct her date of birth. Our office filed a petition for her at the Alameda County probate court. The change of date of birth was quickly approved because of our office's familiarity with the procedure and submission of sufficient evidentiary materials (i.e. sworn witness statements, photographs). Our client is very happy with the quick and positive outcome that we brought to her.